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The Paintball Jug

"Protect Your Balls!
The Paintball Jug is big enough for a full 1000 balls.
It has a screw on cap for tight fit. It's stronger and more durable.

Paint Jug

  • Are you tired off dropping paintballs?
  • Are the bags hard to deal with?
  • Tired of Spending that extra cash?
  • Do you want to make things faster and easier?
  • Then The Paintball Jug is what you need.
  • The Paintball Jug is the best way to fill your pods, hopper and to carry, store and protect your paint.
  • Just pour your bag of paintballs into the Paintball Jug and put the lid back on and now your ready to-

    The Paint Jug
    Load me up!
    Load your Hopper! It's so EASY!
    Then load all your Pods with the easy no spill spout. Life just got better! The spout fits in almost all pods and hoppers to make things so easy. Look for the Paintball Jug at tournaments even teams are using them! The Paintball Jug is the Fastest way to load your hopper and pods! It doesn't matter whether you're a Rec Player or Tournament player, using the Paintball Jug will save time between games and money in the long run. STOP using your hands to fill the pods.

    This is so EASY!
    The Paintball Jug will load your equipment fast and easy. One Paintball Jug holds approx. 1000 paintballs and two will just about carry that case of paint for you. It's easy to carry, store and protect your paint with "The Paintball Jug". It is also water resistant for those days when the rain comes down. You don't have to worry about your paint getting wet.

    Save Money!
    Save Time!
    The Paintball Jug even makes it easy to put that paint back at the end of the day. So there will be NO MORE LOST BALLS and That means MONEY saved! So Start Protecting Your Balls Today!

    Check your local Paintball store for the Paintball Jug
    If they don't have the Paintball Jug tell them to contact us!

    Locate a dealer near you! A Dealer Near You or buy directly through this site.

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